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Ensenada is a coastal city in Mexico, the third-largest in Baja California.  Lying 78 miles south of San Diego on the Baja California Peninsula, it is locally referred to as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.”  The city was founded in September of 1542, but the first permanent settlement was established during the 17th or 18th century.  In 1882 Ensenada was designated the capital of Baja California and, unfortunately, the area was completely devastated by the Mexican Revolution in 1915.

As one of the first settlements founded in the Californias, Ensenada has emerged as a cruise ship destination, aerospace center, and agricultural region.  The Port of Ensenada is an important commercial, fishing and tourist port.  The urban land mass is comprised of 25 square miles and the population stands at approximately 520,000.

Ensenada is backed by small mountain ranges; proximity to the Mediterranean and the Pacific create mild year-round weather which allows for the many outdoor activities in the area.  One of the more popular of these is the annual Newport-Ensenada yacht race, which takes place in April and runs about 125 miles.

Since last April, Anderson Elementary School and Eastbluff Elementary School in Newport Beach have participated in an art exchange with Ensenada elementary schools. Newport Beach 
Since 1948 Newport Beach hosts one of the largest international yacht races in the world, the “N2E”.
Most racers sail the 125 mile course overnight finishing the next day.

It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen ties 
to one of our Sister Cities, Ensenada.
Here is a peek of the event.