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   What kind of relationships do we have?

We have established relationships through preexisting mayoral agreements, relationships with other communities through other non-profits organizations, international events, student and cultural exchanges; we have trade and commercial relationships, historical connections and personal experiences ranging from study or work abroad, to marriages; but we want to expand and include all the sectors of our community, maybe explore ancestral or demographic connections, expatriate communities links, or new ties with communities we may share geographic characteristics, sector challenges, or similar faith-based groups. A community where everyone is represented.
Our Sister Cities





Our student exchange takes place every April. Our ambassadors travel during Spring Break and come back with our guests (students/teachers). They will experience our school system, our community life, and city events. We facilitate cultural exchanges. We are preparing to host an exclusive art exhibit in January 2019. 


This is our closest city, less than 4 hours away. We organized an elementary student art exchange, and participate in the festivities of the annual Newport to Ensenada yacht race, including presentation of gifts to the Mayor of Ensenada at the end of Spring. Currently we are preparing our new culinary exchange program between one of our High School Culinary Clubs and the Ensenada counterpart to start in 2019.